These are some of the facilities that can be provided for boarders:

Dormitory accommodation: This is a common facility where boarders can stay in a shared room or dormitory-style accommodation.

Special accommodation (Cabin facility): This is a facility that provides a more private and personalized living space, such as cabins with Air Condition and separate attached bathroom.

Free Wi-Fi/ Communication facilities: This facility provides for follow up boarders who wants to visit the center for after care patients.

Hygienic cooking area with trained staff: This facility ensures that boarders have access to clean and hygienic cooking facilities, which are supervised by trained staff members.

Routine health check-up: by general physician at regular intervals: This facility ensures that boarders receive regular health check-ups from a qualified general physician to ensure their health and well-being.

General physician on call (24hrs): This facility provides access to a qualified general physician at any time of the day or night.

Specialized Doctors as and when required: This facility ensures that boarders have access to specialized doctors when required.

Arrangement for Hospitalization: if required against prior approval of the family: This facility provides arrangements for hospitalization in case of an emergency, with prior approval from the boarder’s family.

Trained nurses with attendants (in house): This facility provides trained nurses with attendants who can assist boarders with their daily needs and medical requirements on request.

Nutritious meals & health drinks: This facility provides boarders with nutritious and healthy meals, as well as health drinks and snacks throughout the day on request.

Filtered drinking water: This facility ensures that boarders have access to clean and filtered drinking water.

Dining hall: This facility provides a spacious dining hall where boarders can enjoy their meals together.

Doctor’s cubicle: This facility provides a designated area where the general physician can conduct medical check-ups and consultations.

Community hall with Surround sound system and Television: This facility provides a common area where boarders can relax and socialize, with a surround sound system and television for entertainment.

Indoor Games, Informative magazines and periodicals: This facility provides boarders with indoor games, informative magazines, and periodicals to keep them engaged and entertained.

Meditations & devotion with audio/video/light effects: This facility provides boarders with a calming and peaceful environment for meditation and devotion, with the help of audio, video, and light effects.

Yoga, Pranayam and Suryapranam by Experienced Yoga Therapist: This facility provides boarders with the opportunity to practice yoga, pranayama, and surya pranam under the guidance of experienced yoga therapists.

All facilities and activities are monitored round the clock through CCTV cameras to ensure the safety and security of the boarders.